966 EMC Laboratory

The radiation harassment RE mainly refers to the disturbance caused by the energy in the form of electromagnetic wave from the source to the space, and the phenomenon of the propagation of space and the equipment in the surrounding environment.

HUAK Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) The laboratory has a 3 meter electromagnetic anechoic chamber and features a full / semi-anechoic chamber conversion. Laboratory darkroom test system by the famous German R / S company is responsible for providing, with a full set of EMC test software. For mobile phone customers, we also provide special equipment for the spurious test equipment and the corresponding supporting software.
The entire laboratory EMS equipment is provided by the HTEC manufacturers, stable performance, accurate data.

Now the test capacity and meet the test standards are:

★ EMI Lab.:
(1) Radiation disturbance test (RE) — Test standard: EN55032
(2) Conducted harassment test (CE) — Test standard: EN55032
(3) Harmonic current test (Harmonic) – Test standard: IEC 61000-3-2
(4) voltage change and flicker test (Flicker) — test standards: IEC 61000-3-3

★ EMS Lab.:

(1) Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Test (ESD) — Test Standard: IEC 6100-4-2
(2) radio frequency electromagnetic radiation immunity (RS) — test standards: IEC 61000-4-3
(3) Radio frequency field induced disturbance disturbance (CS) — Test standard: IEC 61000-4-6
(4) Electrical fast transient burst immunity test (EFT) — Test standard: IEC 61000-4-4
(5) Surge (impact) immunity (SURGE) — Test standard: IEC 61000-4-5
(6) Voltage sags, short interruptions and voltage variations Immunity test (DIP) – Test standard: IEC 61000-4-11
(7) frequency magnetic field immunity test (PFMF) — test standards: IEC 61000-4-8

HUAK can provide products for the bottom of the test, rectification of the problem, certification and other technical services. To solve the enterprise in the product design after the relevant technical problems, to ensure that meet the corresponding electromagnetic compatibility standards, as soon as possible to obtain certification.
HUAK experts have many years of experience in EMC, safety and lightning protection strategies in professional laboratories. They are familiar with the increased cost of devices in the process. They can provide fast, efficient and low-cost rectification solutions for enterprise products in the shortest working hours. Mass production of the lowest cost, to maximize the interests of customers.

★ Rectification Service

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) problem rectification service
Electromagnetic anti – jamming (EMS) problem rectification service
PCB PCB design services
Engineering application interference EMI problem rectification service
Engineering application anti – interference EMS problem rectification service
Products EMC testing services
Products EMC certification services

★ Rectification Ideas

HUAK from the product system to consider the overall situation, through the product schematic diagram, PCB, structure, a detailed analysis of the product from the source to solve the EMC problem, to ensure that enterprises provide fast, efficient, low cost, mass production of rectification program, Maximize the benefits.