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IC is the abbreviation of Industry Canada, the Ministry of Industry Canada, as a government agency, responsible for the certification of electronic and electrical products into the Canadian market. Similar to the FCC in the United States, the IC currently only limits electromagnetic interference. General provisions: only mandatory EMI, the Certification method is also the same as the FCC, self-verification can be used, in line with Ming, Certification certification three ways.
IC ID:CN(Company Number, up to 6 digits)+UPW (UniqLle Product Number, up to 8 digits) is free to apply, but must have Canadian representative address information.

The companies producing wireless items that want to sell their products in the Canadian Market must obtain IC Certification. The Canadian Agency oversees the industry and authorizes the telecommunication quality compliance certification. As Technology, Research and Economic Growth Canada are now Industry Canada (ISED), the IC Certification is now called ISED certification.

Document Requirements For IC Certification

Industry Canada demands to mark all sensitive materials or products as private. The confidential agreements are considered and posted as official information. They are available online once the registration process is completed.

There are some approved papers that Industry Canada needs. The Radio Device Inventory acknowledgment is one of them. It is provided by the user with product data that can be published online. The applicant has to acknowledge in the document that any further alteration or changes that the product undergoes will be notified to Industry Canada.

The second document is the Canadian Representation Document. It plays as an in-country contact to advocate for the firm if any problem regarding product registration arises. The Canadian agent for US Corporations needs to have their company registration. They are not a personal member of the business. If the business is situated in Canada, it is feasible to serve as the Canadian representative and grant receipt.


  1. The concept of product functioning, drawings, block diagrams, and transmitter specifications are required for submission.
  2. The product summary of its operations needs to be clearly stated. Must give a general idea of ​​the radio’s parameters like maximum output, stations, and modulation types.
  3. Provide a block diagram that easily explains the essential features of the products. The graphic must emphasize the radio communication part. Make sure to highlight crystal frequencies and places.
  4. The updated or modified schematic of the overall device must be provided. It is then matched with internal photographs.
  5. Any relevant data sheets for other transmitters are also required.

What products need IC Certification?

  1. Lighting fixtures.
  2. IT and related items.
  3. Audio and video equipment.
  4. Machinery items.

Documents for IC submission

  1. Agency letter, if applicable
  2. Block Diagram of the device
  3. IC Test reports
  4. Specifications
  5. Schematics
  6. External and Internal Photos
  7. Label Information
  8. User manual
  9. Business License
  10. Sample

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