How do you get FCC compliance testing certification

Product certifications are essential for any regular sales. Some e-commerce sales platforms, like Amazon, have strict regulations for product certification. However, different countries have different certification requirements for each type of product and market.

For example, the FCC certification is required to market and sell your product in the U.S. legally. Due to the lack of this certification, you may not market your product as desired. Let’s have a closer look!

What is the FCC?

Before knowing about FCC marks, first, learn about the FCC. FCC stands for the Federal Communications Commission. It is an official organ of the United States federal government, an independent agency. The body regulates interstate and international communications over radio, cable, wire, television, and satellite in about 50 states, territories of the USA, and the District of Columbia.

What is FCC Certification?

FCC certification, otherwise known as the United States Federal Communications certification, is mandatory in the USA. It is to assure product security of wireless products and wired communication products.

Any electronic communication product, if it enters the USA market, must do FCC compliance testing and get FCC approval. The laboratories directly or indirectly authorised by the FCC test can also approve these products according to the FCC standards.

The features of the FCC mark are:

  • Necessary for exporting to the U.S.
  • Mandatory
  • For electronic or electrical products
  • Easy to apply without testing factories

Types of FCC Certification

Before starting the certification process, you must be clear about the types of FCC testing. Generally, FCC compliance testing is divided by product type. A few are named for your reference:

  • FCC Part 15 and FCC Part 18 (the most commonly used)
  • FCC Part 22 (Public Mobile Services)
  • FCC Part 24 (Personal Communications Services)
  • FCC Part 27 (Miscellaneous Wireless Communications Services)

You can check other regulations for your product on its official website. Then, make sure which FCC certification is required for your products.

Earlier, the certifications included the following –

  • FCC ID,
  • FCC VoC (Verification of Conformity)
  • FCC DoC (Declaration of Conformity)

But since 2 November 2018, FCC SDoC (Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity) replaced FCC DoC and VoC to make certifications. It was to simplify the FCC testing process and explain the usage specification of RFID (radio frequency identification).

FCC ID is mainly for wireless products, and FCC SDoC certificates are for products without wireless functions. Therefore, the requirements for each type are different.

How to Obtain FCC Compliance Certification?

  1. FCC ID Certification

FCC ID certification is for wireless products to check EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and R.F. (radio frequency)—for example, Bluetooth headsets and smart face slimmers.

There are two ways of applying for an FCC ID certification:

  • Send products to FCC-TCB directly
  • Select the third-party institution authorised by the FCC to test products
  • Send materials to TCB for issuing certificates.

The first option is not recommended as it takes a lot of time. Here’s the process of how to test products with an accredited lab.

5 steps for FCC testing & certification of electrical products

  • Step 1: Apply for an FCC ID

If it is your first time applying for the FCC ID, you should register an FCC-FRN and create profiles. Following that, apply for a permanent grantee code. You can find the FCC ID on the FCC official website:

  • Step 2: Select a test institution

It is obvious that you cannot test the product on your own. Therefore, select a reliable test laboratory authorised by the FCC to finish the testing process.

  • Step 3: Test products

When waiting for FCC approval to send the grantee code, you must send product samples with essential documents to the laboratory for testing the products. Then, the lab will provide a test report to you.

  • Step 4: Submit to FCC-TCBs

After you get test reports from the institution, submit all product documents with test reports to TCBs (Telecommunication Certification Bodies) for audit.

You need to prepare the following:

FCC certification application form

-FCC ID label and label location

-Photos of product details

-Product introduction

-Block diagram

-Schematic diagram

-Operation theory

-Test reports

-Product test setup photos

  • Step 5: Issue FCC Compliance Certification

After TCBs get FCC approval, they will issue the certifications you can get within several weeks.

  1. FCC SDoC

If your products do not have any wireless functions, you must obtain FCC SDoC certifications. Unlike FCC ID, SDoC needs the responsible party in the USA to test the products. Only U.S. companies can issue SDoC statements, while non-US companies (including manufacturers and laboratories) cannot.

When your products are exported to the USA market, customs will ask you to provide FCC SDoC statements based on regulations in the clearance process. Online platforms like Amazon also require sellers to upload their FCC SDoC statements.

The certification process of FCC SDoC is similar to that of FCC ID certification.

The Bottom Line

Do you have more questions about the FCC authorization process or requirements? Ask the experts at Shenzhen HUAK. We are an accredited third-party lab well equipped for quality compliance product testing. If you are working on a device that needs an FCC Certification, contact us today for a free quote.

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