Canada’s ISED charges have a major update: ISED’s official equipment registration fee (original listing fee) will be adjusted to 2 types of fees!

ISED certification fee update

 The ISED model fee will be replaced by the ISED equipment registration fee!

Starting in 2016, IC has officially changed its name to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) and is responsible for the certification of electronic and electrical products entering the Canadian market. Although the original IC number was renamed to ISED Number, its representation on the label remains unchanged. It remains IC: XXXXX-YYYYY and the ISED certification period is valid as long as the standard instructions are not changed.

On July 4, 2023, ISED issued Notice No. 2023.  SMSE-006-23—Decision of the Certification and Engineering Directorate on Telecommunications and Radio Equipment Service Fees, which sets out the decision of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to revise the fee framework related to the certification of radio equipment and the registration of telecommunications equipment.


Specific charging standards

Specific charging standards

According to the official text above, the key contents are as follows:

  • There is a 750$ device registration fee required to review, approve and record a new single/home wireless device or a new single/home wired device in the REL. New application for registration(The Terminal Apparatus Register or and Radio Equipment List(New single or New family applications)
  • Wireless equipment reviewed, approved, and recorded in the REL or telecommunications equipment in the TAR are subject to a $375 equipment registration fee. Change application registration (including C1PC, C2PC, C3PC, C4PC, Multiple listings and Transfer of certification). That is, the updated ISED equipment charging standards are as follows:
  • 750 USD/new ISED ID (no matter how many models are applied for, the one-time authorization is USD 750);
  • 375 USD/Report ISED ID (C1PC, C2PC, C3PC, C4PC, multiple listing and Transfer of certification)

Note: The above fees are all officially charged by Canada.


Certification information, standards and processes

Certification information, standards and processes

  • instruction manual in English; specification
  • circuit schematic diagram; PCB board diagram
  • block diagram; application form; sample
Canadian wireless ISED certification standards:

RSS Series:Transmitting and receiving equipment










Canadian ISED certification application process:
  1. Consult product certification items;
  2. Determine certification items and standards;
  3. Make quotations based on product certification items, standards, etc.;
  4. Customer pays, arranges to send samples, fills in the application form and sends it back;
  5. Arrange testing after receiving the sample;
  6. If the test fails, notify the customer to make rectification. When the test passes, a draft will be issued to the customer for confirmation;
  7. After the customer confirms the draft, the formal document will be sent to the customer and the project will be completed.


What products are ISED certified?


What products are ISED certified

Radio equipment (Class I)

◆Bluetooth device

◆ Cell phone signal amplifier

◆ Cordless phone

◆ High frequency transmitter

◆ Laptop

◆ Land mobile radio equipment

◆ Smart home products

◆ Smartphone

◆ Smart wireless charger

◆ Tablet PC

◆ Walkie-talkie

◆ Wearable devices (such as smart watches)

◆ Wi-Fi signal amplifier

◆ Wi-Fi routers and other local area network (LAN) devices

◆ Wireless microphone

◆ Wireless router

Interfering equipment and radio receivers (Class II)

◆ Computer

◆DVD player

◆ Electronic transformer or electronic ballast

◆ LED lighting equipment

◆ Any device that generates and uses timing signals or pulses with a frequency of at least 9kHz

Terminal Equipment

◆ Automatic answering equipment

◆ Cable telephone

◆ Modem (e.g. DSL)

◆ Audio recorder


That’s it for the above sharing about Canada’s ISED certification fee update.

Paying attention to major policy updates is an important prerequisite for every merchant to ensure the successful export of products. For details, please pay attention to official follow-up announcements in real time.

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