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In order to unify product regulatory standards and requirements to ensure product quality and safety, India began to implement a product certification system in 1955. All products listed in the compulsory certification are required to obtain a product certification certificate in accordance with Indian product standards before entering the market. Therefore, manufacturers who want to enter the Indian market need to have an understanding of the Indian product certification system.
India product certification organizations according to the Indian parliament, the Indian standards act of 1986, Indian standards (TheBureauofIndianStandards, BIS) to be responsible for product certification, it is India’s only product certification bodies. BIS has five regional bureaux and 19 sub-bureaux. The regional bureau supervises the corresponding branch. Eight laboratories affiliated with BIS and a number of independent laboratories are responsible for testing samples taken during the product certification process. These laboratories are implemented in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:1999.

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